Advanced Programming Service is dedicated to being the leader in component configuration.

In today’s complex and ever changing world of electronics manufacturing, the highest quality standards must be maintained to properly program and handle devices.

With our expert staff and state of the art equipment and more than 23 years of professional experience – we pride ourselves on our ability to process large volumes while maintaining rapid turnaround time

Customer confidentiality is paramount to us – you can take comfort in knowing that your data is safe with us

Industry Leaders Meet Their Objectives with APS

APS is a world leader in rapid turnaround IC Programming services. 99% of orders received are completed and shipped back within 3 business days. From 10 chips to 10 Million chips – APS will handle your order with Security, Reliability and Speed. More »

APS allows you to speed up your production line by packaging all of your components in carrier tape. Our service enables you to purchase your parts in bulk and have them arrive automation-ready. More »

APS can increase the shelf life of your moisture sensitive components. Ensure successful soldering of your IC’s with our baking and dry packing services. More »